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LEAP Preschool

LEAP Preschool

LEAP Preschool

What is LEAP?

The Lawndale Early Advantage Program emphasizes the development of language, social skills, self-help, gross and fine motor skills, and pre-academic skills in all students.  We believe that children learn by actively participating in age-appropriate activities from The Creative and The Carolina Curriculums.

LEAP provides a behavioral, language, play, and sensory based program.  Each class includes, both, students with disabilities and typically developing peers.  Our “peer partners” act as role models for our students with disabilities.  The classes are taught by a special education preschool teacher who is supported by special education assistants. Embedded services provided in each class include speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and adaptive physical education. The classes are non categorical; therefore a balance of all abilities levels are included in each class.  Students are successful in our program because of the collaboration and team work between a variety of professionals.

See attached LEAP Brochure for more information or call the school office at 310.263.6830.

Peer Partners

LEAP Preschool offers an opportunity for typically developing preschoolers to join our Special Day classes.  Peer Partners help our special education preschool students by modeling appropriate behaviors, language, social and play skills.  While attending LEAP as a peer partner, children develop empathy for children with a wide range of disabilities.  Peer partners are provided many opportunities to develop and display leadership skills with peers. 

Children are given developmentally appropriate activities taught by specialists in their field.  Peer partners participate in speech and language therapy, adapted physical education, and occupational therapy with their peers as models.  Language, social skills, pre-academic and motor skills are integrated into the curriculum.

There will be a one month trial period.  At the end of the month a parent/teacher conference will be held to discuss the success of the adjustment into the LEAP class.  At this conference enrollment may be terminated if parent or teacher does not feel this is an appropriate placement.

See the Peer Partner flyer for more information or call the school office at 310.263.6830.